Physical Traits

Created: 24 June 2021, 09:47:33 UTC
Last updated: 12 April 2022, 01:30:26 UTC
  • Physical traits, their rarities, and their examples will all be listed here. Examples appear on the respective Trait page for each.

  • View an older WIP Trait Preview guide here!
  • Many of the templates have since been updated. However, the physical traits did not change much.
  • Common - Common

  • Uncommon - Aspis, Spiral, Branched, Antlers, Ram, Antelope, Ibex
  • Rare - Royal, Elder, Elk, Baphomet, Moose, Devil, Fae
  • Common - Common

  • Uncommon - Elegant, Fancy, Deer, Folded, Lapine, Round, Sleek
  • Rare - Long Tufted, Silken, Papillon, Vulpine, Bat, Curled, Fae
  • Common - Common

  • Uncommon - Equine, Cervine, Feline, Fluffed, Curled, Serpentine, Dog
  • Rare - Unicorn, Silken, Yun, Whip, Hanuman, Vulpine, Regal
  • Common - Common

  • Uncommon - Curly, Friesian, Elk, Mohawk, Punk, Fjord, Poof
  • Rare - Silken, Fringe, Yun, Barbary, Rebel, Lion, Regal