Auric Reward Guide and Form

Created: 17 October 2021, 11:01:49 UTC
Last updated: 13 November 2021, 22:59:45 UTC

Up to three images/written pieces can be redeemed for Aurics per prompt submission.

Link to Drakiri: Please post their URL and their name
Link to Image/Literature: Post a link to the image or story here
Auric Total: How many Aurics you earn
Breakdown: What is in the image/writing, and how many did you earn?

Make sure to add your reward to the Rewards section, as it will be automatically added to your account when accepted!


This does not go per Drakiri, but rather by word count as writing about more than one Drakiri is not as labor intensive as drawing more then one Drakiri, and word count naturally grows with more Drakiri in the story

You get 250 Aurics per 300 words written
If your total qord count is less than 100 words towards the next milestone, it rounds down. If the word count to the next milestone is over 100 words, it rounds up and you get the 250 Aurics added to your total


This is per Drakiri in the image and depends on how much of them are shown

Headshot: 250 Aurics
Halfbody: 500
Fullbody: 1000
Background: Adds 500 to the total
Shading: Adds 250 for the Drakiri, another 250 if the background is shaded too

This amount is halved  for a clean sketch or uncolored linework (So a clean sketch or uncolored lineart would get you 125 Aurics)

A rough sketch gets 1/3rd of the amount, rounded up.  (So a rough headshot sketch would get 84 Aurics)