Tron city return

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Blade City Return

“Lycoan!!” Xena calls from the back of Oak. she waves as she giggles, she reaches her hand down and grabs Lycon’s hand as he gets on behind her. “Isnt oak cool” 

“This world is amazing” he smiles. “Where are we headed?” 

“Back to that portal” she says. “The tron city and the sea of simulation intrigues me.” she says as they fly. 

“Are you sure thats wise?” he asks. “Last time we barely made back it by the skin of our teeth” 

“Lycaon…i know what im doing…tehre are secrets there i must find” oak lands near the cave as she walks in to the cavern. “Ok” she smiles. “Babe lets go” lycons hand in hers as she walks thru and into the world with her beloved and drakiri at her side.

-Blade city- night-

They appear in the underground of a new location as she pulls her ID disk out. “Stick close.” oak becomes humanoid as she touches her headset, the visor covers her face as she looks around. “Great we have black guards” 

“Black what?” oak asks. “Im unfamiliar with it” 

“Black Guards” lycon says. “Elite guards that work for Rezzer” 

“Who is Rezzer?” oak asks as they creep thru the city. 

“Someone that i dont need to remind you that he is deadly. Hes like Rinzler in tron” she says as she taps the band on her wrist. “The map says this way to the sea of simulation” she grabs both of them and pulls them into an alleyway. 

“We should find Caprico” Lycon says. “Hes one of the ones that was at the End Of Line club. He can help us. Hes usually pretty distant but he knows you…” 

Her wristband lights up as she taps it a face with a skull mask appears. 

“Come to the end of line club, tell Castor i sent you” the message says as it deactivates. 

“Ok..i guess we are hitting the club” She chuckles as lycon looks at her. “What?” 

“You and your craziness.” he chuckles. “Come on lets go before the black guards spot us” 

“Good idea” she says as the trio walk thru the massive blade runner like city. “This is impossible…how can this happen??” 

“Programs and users living together?” a voice asks. “Im Star, Caprico’s liaison. Its an homor to meet all of you. Come, he wants to talk to you Xena. you seemed to have gotten his attention with that stunt you pulled last time you were here” she says as they walk. 

“Last time? That was me surviving” she says. “I mean the HOURS i logged into vr and Shaw security as their tech expert did help a bit” 

“Your skills in the arena proved to Caprico that you are worthy of his tech. He will explain more after you see him” she says as they find the club. 

“Cool” oak says as he looks around. “So many lights” 

“Its the grid” Xena says as they walk thru. “This reminds me so much of the games” they are lead to a vip area with a blond-haired man with amber eyes dressed in pants and a jacket hes not wearing a shirt.  “Allow me to introduce Caprico” 

“Star you can go now” he waves her off as she walks off. “So your the girl that gained overnight fame in the arena?” he stands and walks around her, admiring her body suit and  “You wear the suit well…” 

“Thank you” she says. “I do not know who made it but it works with me” 

“I made it” he says. “The next generation of design and function.” he hands her a new red and white lighted bracelet. “Put this on” he says as she pulls off her old bracelets. 

She does as red and black replace purple and white. The blue lights and circuits become red and white as she looks at herself. “Cool” she says. 

“This will allow you to reach areas not allowed to by the public” he winks at her as he hands Lycoan and oak west bands. “These are like hers but for males.” they activate them as they stand in red and black costumes. “You want to reach the sea of simulation?” he sits. “The jorney wont be eazy, virus bugs and Abraxus still around” 

“Abraxus?” she yelps. “As in the one that shut down the isos?” 

“The very same one, your suits will protect you” he says. “But may i ask why there?” 

“There is something i felt when i was there…i cant place it” she says. “Like something is telling me someone is there…or something” he smiles. “What do you think” 

“I think you need to pursue the feeling” he says as he guides them to a solar sailer. “Use this, it will get you to the cliffs… the rest of the way you must find on your own” 

“Thank you Caprico” she turns to him. “I hope someday i can repay you the favor” she smiles as he sends them on theri way. 

“Someday Xena” he calls. 

They smile as the sailer makes its way across the sea. She leans on the railing. 

“You ok?” oak asks her. 

“Yea, just admiring the view…back home all this was games and movies” she chuckles. “I never thought that it was real…” she pulls out her light disk now in black and red. “This disk was a toy or a collectable…now im holding a real one” she puts it back on her back. “Our work isnt over…we still have to…” Something glitches beneath her as she sees a Mutt with big wings benieth her. “Oak look” the drak runs on the sea as if it is walking on water… “what” her visor goes on as she looks at it… “its a drakiri” 

“Follow it!” he says. “It might be Error” she launches over the side as oak unfurls his wings and lycon follows the pair. She activates her light wings in crimson as she flys after it. “Killer look” 

“Watch out!” she throws her disk at a bubble as it bursts. “The sea of simulation is dangerous to users and programs” she says as she takes point. The trio fly after the Drak as it lands in a cave. 

“Here” she says as she lands on the top of a cliff with the other two. “My visor tells me the drak is here but i cant…” she hears cracking. “Oh crap” 

“Xena” lycon and oak go after her as they all fall into a cavern. 

“Ow, that hurt” he says. “Evryone alright?” 

“Yep” Xena says 

“Yea im ok” lycon says. 

“Oh i have visitors,” the drakiri with the matrix eyes says. “Call me Error” code follows their hand as Xena gasps. “You must be the humans and drak thats been following me” 

“Yea…im Xena this is Lycon and Oak, we arnt from here” 

“You are from my world,” the Error drak says, it glitches out and stands next to Xena. “why are you here?” 

“To find you” she says. “I sensed you in my original visit to this place” 

The drak smile. “Come on” error smiles. “The sea of simulation is quite interesting” the drak says. “Its safe, your bodysuits are set up for it” 

“Your Caprico’s partner”

“I prefer ally, Im not bound to any one rider, I will ally myself with whoever suits me in that situation, allowing me to make friends and allies thru the relms i travel” 

“That sounds so scary” Xena says. “Lycon and i are a bonded pair back home.” she holds his hand. 

The drak jumps out of the cave and unfurls the glitchy glowy wings. “You three coming? Dont worry the body suit will shift with oak as he changes into drak form. 

Oak transforms into his drak form and helps Xena and Lycon on to his back. He jumps out and follows Error. “Tell us about the sea” 

“Its a safety net for the programs. The white light you see is the way out for programs.” Error ays as they turn and see the arena from the air. “The Light cycle arena” 

“I was there not too long ago” she smiles. “I haven't seen the city from this far up before” 

“It is quite different.” Error says. “Looks like a circuit board doesnt it” 

“Yea,” she giggles.

Lycon holds onto Xena’s waist tightly. “This is incredible” 

“It is yes” error says as she glitches over to a patch of code. She jumps off of it and spins around the trio. “Xena use your light wings” 

She giggles. “Is that ok oak?” she asks. 

“Go for it.” He says smiling. “I would love to see them” 

She studies herself on the back of oak and jumps as her lightwings and jets materialize. “This is so cool!!” she laughs. “WHOOO!!” she touches the code and water as she laughs. “Watch out for gridbugs” 

Error watches them as she flys, xena flys over oak on her back doing spirals around the werewolf. “Xena your amazing” she smiles. “Error where are we headed?” 

“To Blade city” she says. “Where i met you was ARC city” 

“Like in ARC reactor,” she laughs. “The grid is so damn cool” 

“Agreed,” lycon says. “Can liquid energy be used for humans?” 

“Yes, you can use it as an additive for drinks or medicine, it can heal and repair broken bones and many other things” Error says. “The grid is largely an unknown area, Wallace will want to meet us when we get to Blade city” 

She wracks her mind at the mention of wallace… “your not talking Niander Wallace the creator of Replicants are you?” 

“One in the same” Error says. “You are remarkably well read on us” 

“Thank you Error” she says. “I spent my childhood watching movies like tron and blade runner” 

“Two of your favorite movies,” Lycon says as the huge city comes into veiw. “Whoa” 

She gasps. “Error thats…” 

“La but blade runner style” 

“Its called blade runner city here” Error says. “Come on” 

They all land in a park as her wings dematerialise. “This is nuts…its like im standing…” 

“In blade runner,” a voice says. 

“Who are you” she asks her light disk in hand. Error smiles. 

“Lov,” she says. She looks up and to the right showing the replicant numbers on her eye. “Intresting tech you have” 

“Thank you caprico gave it to us” 

“The designer,” she says. “Perfect, i am to escort you to lunch were he will meet us there” 

“Of course” lov guides them into the city as Xena’s visor takes pictures. Her hand on the side. “This is incredible” She sees the holo Joi from the movie with blue hair. 

“This is trippy” Lycon says. “Im in blade runner” 

They reach the lunch sopt as she talks with Niander as he answers all the questions she has. Error looks at them as they are guided back to the portal. “Thank you” 

Niander looks at her. “You are welcome Xena, if you ever find yourself back here please look me up. I would be more than happy to have you for lunch” 

She smiles. “That sounds amazing niander” she smiles as error walks with them glitching as she goes. She takes one last look back at the amazing world and holds her id disk as she scans it and they appear back in the drak world. 

“Well i mst be off now, i have many otehrs to find and make freinds with” Error chuckles. “You never know, mabey next year you can see me again!!” she laughs as she wings and glitches out. 

“What a fun drak” Xena smiles as Lycon and oak laugh. 

“Agreed” he says. “Lets get home” 

“I can use some tea and rest” 


Tron city return
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um just a fun little dive off point and story from a ar I did with someone else. lots of fun refs and stuff.  featuring the Debute story (without anyone but her and oak) of Lycon her beloved based on a beloved friend of mine. have fun

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