[Trade] Tron adventures 3

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Disk Wars and Escape

“A new upand comer might be just what we need ladies and gents” the annoiuncer says. “There is one last test she must pass” he says 

“What is that” Goldpelt asks as he watches the arena change. “Oh this is cool” 

“Its called disk wars” Silverlight says. “I remember its apart of her favorite movie series back home” 

“How do you know?” Goldpelt asks. 

“Its called dream fasting,” they say. “Its something she does regularly with oak to share memories” 

“Thats cool” 

A huge billboard appears above the arena. DISK WARS ROUND TWO!! It says as names of competitors appear with Xena and Alpha at the top. “And ladies and gents it begins…DISK WARS!!” 

The games begin as the crowd watches with bated breath. Goldpelt watches as Xena takes on a program and bounces her disk off the backside like air hockey, derezzing the next opponent. She catches the disk. 

“So the disks are also boomerangs?” Gold pelt asks Silverlight. 

“In a way” Coldheart says. “It takes ALOT of skill to do what shes doing, its not just throwing it its learning the disk. Tron is a Ledgand in the games because he is almost unbeatable…his prowess is incredible…she spent years practicing on a normal bike back home…i can only imagin whats going thru her head right now” 

“She must be having the time of her life” silverlight says. 

“Or shes trying not to die and find her love” he says. 

“Find her love?” Goldpelt asks. 

“Yea” he smiles. “Lycaon is her beloved, they were a pair back home and a year ago she” he points to her. “Was thrown into our world thru a portal, it closed before she could get back home so now shes was busy trying to not let the past hurt her. Oak has been very good at keeping her dream alive.” 

“Seeing Lyacon again” 

“Yes” Silverlight says as a disk comes flying at them and bouces off the barrier. “Talk about action” 

Goldpelt watches as she flips and throws her disk around the arena as Alpha blocks it, she skids between his legs grabbing her disk and going to slash at him as he blocks it. “That has to be Lycon” 

“How can you tell” goldpelt asks. 

“The ears” silverlight says as he watches her go for the helmet. “The ears she gave him and the red color is almost a dead give away” 

“So shes…fighting her love” 


Xena growls as Alpha grabs her. “Check mate” 

“Lycon its me” she says trying to break free. “I dont know WHAT he did to you but its me, your xena” 

Xena” the name echos in his head as he lets go of her. “Xena?” he asks. 

She nods. “Forgive me with the…um…strange look” she chuckles as he sweeps her legs and pins her down. 

“Find me after the wars. Second floor. Tell Rezzer the champion sent for you” he says as he wins. 

She pants out of breath as the games end and shes transported back to below the arena. 

“You were fantastic” the three run out to hug her. “You are incredible” her helmet retracts into her headband. 

“Guys, we need to get going” she says walking up to Rezzer. “The champion wishes to speak to us” 

“This way” 

She is taken into a clear elevator as Goldpelt watches the massive city come into view…a sea and beach on one side and a blasing white beacon on the other. 

“The sea of simulation and the master control portal” she says. “Its incredable…i have to get this portal down for when we get back, i might be able to use the liquid energy as a supplement” she says. “I never thought this place was real…i thought it was in a movie” 

“You live now in a dimensional nexus. Remember that” they reach the top as Rezzer leads them into see Alpha with his back turned. 

“You may leave us” he says as rezzer leaves the three 4 alone. 

“Alpha” silverlight says. “Who are you really” 

He turns as his helmet retracts, angular cheekbones and blazing fiery red hair pulled back in a ponytail and earthshattering blue eyes stare back at them, his outfit is comprised of body armoerd bodysuit with a silver ring on his left hand, xena touches hers. “Its been a while…Xena” 

“Lycaon” she runs and hugs him. “I thought id never see you again” 

“This is lycoan?” Goldpelt asks. 

“My other half” she says in happy tears. “A year ago we fell thru together. He must have ended up here…and me in your world.” she says. “Is tehre anyway out of this crazy place?” 

“Yes. there is a cave not too far from here. It might lead back to your world.” he says holding Xena’s hand. “You have to intro me to your new friends.”  

“Soon lycaon” she says. “Wheres the back exit” 

“This way” he says as he smiles. “I do have to get some things” he says as he grabs a backpack. “My jornal, some liquid energy,” he shoves something in and closes the pack. “Now lets go” 

They make their way to the roof as a massive light jet sits waiting for them. “Ok thats style” 

“Get on you can oggle later” xena says. “Lycaon” 

“You know it” he chuckles as she jumps into the copilot seat. Her head gear rezes a mic for her. “Good to see you my love” 

“Alright lets go home” she says. “Next stop Home” 

The three draks whoop and clap. “Finally getting home” 

“I cant wait.” Silverlight laughs. 

“Same, oak will never believe the adventure we had” 

She laughs listening to the happy chatter of her companions. Once they get up in the air she and lycaon move to the passenger compartment. “Its autopilot” she chuckles. 

“So your the one she balthers about so much” silverlight asks. 

Goldpelt looks at the man as he smiles. “Your her beloved” 

“Yep a formal meet and greet is now ineffect” he says. 

“Silverlight, Coldheart, Goldpelt, this is Lycaon. My beloved” she says

The draks and lycaon talk as she watches him. A year ago she would have thought this impossible. “Time curious time, give me no compass gave me no sign, were there clues i didnt see? 

And isnt it just so pretty to think…all along there was some invisible string tying you to me” she sings softly. She walks into the cockpit and looks at the readout. Everything is perfect…no crazy… a red blip appears. “Crap” 

“Rezzer?” he asks. “I’ll keep your freinds calm.” 

“Yea  think” she says. “Crap!” she grabs the controls. “Thats a regnisoer…i havent seen one of those since…” 

“You watched the movie” he chuckles. “Well rememebr that pilots prgram i made you?” he plugs something into her headset. 

“Yea” her visor appears around her eyes. 

“Well your gonna put it to good use finally” 

“The vr one? Babe its been a year” she says as she swings the jet around as the others yelp. “HOLD ON” she fires a few shots at the regnisor. “Crap i missed” 

“Work on it ill keep the crew buzy” 

Goldpelt watches as the jet manuvers and doges energy shots. “You sure we are safe?” 

“wingchutes , put them on now” lycaon says as all of them do. “This might get bumpy” as he says that an energy shot slams into the wing. “BABE!!” 

“I see it keep your ears on!” she says her hands working furiously. “Its been a year since i did any coding!” 

“What” goldpelt asks. 

“Used to work with shaw security when not being his gf…came in handy” she says. “This is gonna get bumpy” she says as the jet plummets. “Wingchuets now” she kicks the jet door open and smiles. 

“Come on” 

They all dont ask questions as they all jump out and into a blacked out area of the outlands. 

She lands first wth lycaon, then goldpelt and the other two. “Evryone ok? No broken bones?” 

“Yea we are fine” 

“HALT” a black guard says appearing. “You are in an unautherised area” 

“CRAP! Run” she calls as they all take off into the caves. They reach a small cave with what looks like a portal as she throws her light disk up at some rocks abouve them, blocking the entrance. 

They all pant. “Holy crap” goldpelt says. “That was…nuts” 

“Ill say…how many time did you almost get us killed?” 

“Shut up Silverwind” she smiles. “Wemade it to the protal…or atleast a portal” she turns to lycoan. 

“Yes im coming with you” he smiles. 

“Yes” she says as silverwind touches the portal as it shifts to their home. “Lets all go home” 

“Yes enough excitement for one day” 

They all step thru as they all wind up in her shop in a pile. “Xena! Youve returned, how was your adventure” 

“More than i ever hoped for” she laughs as they all share tea and sweets together. Xena and Lycon smile at each other as he recounts his adventures and the year apart from his love. 


-“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”


Helen Keller-

[Trade] Tron adventures 3
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um again zero idea where this all came from so um.. blame my mind

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