A Fight in the Forest

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“Should have known something’s wrong with that kainu,” Varinaeri grumbled. She had the misfortune to attempt walking by a dark colored kainu and got kicked for her troubles. In addition, her shout of pain and complaint at him earned a fierce bite to her hind leg, making her limp away once she successfully kicked his face off.

Her friend and current housemate, Anakaros, gave a familiar uneasy chuckle while administering first aid to her injury. The white sprite remained smiling despite Vari’s complaints. He lost the smile when he realized that Vari was staring at him as he finished.

“What?” he asked, looking up.

“Nah, was just thinking. See, if you seen that bad-tempered Kainu, stay well away from him.”

He sighed. “You don’t want me to attempt treatment if he’s hurt, is that it?”

“Yes. At least not alone or without someone around to ensure you’re fine.”


That was five days ago. Ana was taking a lovely walk in the brisk autumn air through the forest. While decently bundled and with him was a walkie-talkie, light food, and a drink, he was glad that Vari’s concerns had made him bring them.

He stopped upon various sounds what he guessed was a fight. And fights usually means injury. With his mind set, he immediately searched where it was located. Fortunately, it was close by, and he was surprised to find the dark colored kainu going against a beige drak with black markings. He had no idea what kind of drak that the kainu was fighting against.

The drak gave a weird growling hiss at the kainu as he reared up for a stomp. The plated armor the drak had protected them from harm. Frustrated on not damaging or discouraging the drak, the kainu circled around and gave strong kicks at them.

The drak merely sidestepped the kicks and darted around to the side the kainu was not watching. They quickly did a body slam, jolting the kainu when he noticed them too late. He took the opportunity to bite the long fluffy antennae as well as the mane and pulled earning a howl of pain.

The drak raised their claws and started scratching the kainu to get him to let go. It took a few scratches and a lucky hit on a sensitive area for his hold to release them. Both of the draks back away from each other and reassessed the situation.

The kainu saw the drak readied themselves and started running at him, horn clearly trained at him. He sidestepped the drak not interested in being chased while also trotting around the tree next to him. It forced the drak to divert opposite of where kainu was going, and he snagged the drak’s long tail. He was delighted by the roar the drak gave.

All it was left was to play keep away while holding onto the snakelike tail with his mouth. The drak snarled in frustration and soon stood still after their unsuccessful thrashing and kicks to get the kainu off.

Ana waited in baited silence upon watching the two fight. He was mentally cataloging the injuries both suffered from fighting as well as noticing a few that might have happened before he got there. Sometime in the fight, he decided that he should climb a tree for safety in case either of them came after him.

While in the middle of finding the best branch to perch and watch, he realized that the fighting had stopped and carefully turned to look. He saw them on a standstill and waited. He hoped he didn’t need to wait long due to his awkward pose on the tree, but the tree had other ideas. He felt the branch creaking under his weight and tried to move.

The snap alerted both draks to look up with the kainu letting go of the tail to see better. They saw the white clothed sprite giving them a nervous giggle and said, “Uh hi?”  That immediately set the kainu off and kicked the tree as hard as he could. The sprite yelped from the sudden tremor and tried to hold onto the branch.

The kainu barely managed a second kick in when he was thrown bodily from the tree by the other drak. They both growled at each other as the drak stepped in front of the tree, daring the kainu to try and go through them for the sprite.

The kainu snorted in disgust and pawed the dirt. When the drak did not rise to the challenge, the kainu charged at the drak before veering off at the last second, delivering a quick kick before speeding off into the forest.

Ana sighed in relief that he no longer had to worry about being attacked. As he moved to find a safer branch, he heard the remaining drak move and spoke. “What are you doing here?”

“Eh, me? I was just uh, walking. Enjoying the air and the sights in the forest when I heard you two.”

“Okay? Why are you in a tree?”

“Well, uh, I wanted to watch, but I realize that I might not be safe, so…”

“So you climbed a tree. You should have left.”

“I suppose, but I’m a nurse in-training, so figuring out how to help heal someone after a fight is important.”

“Really? I don’t think you should be looking for it though.”

“Whatever, that’s not your problem. How did you get into a fight with that kainu?”

The drak sighed. “Because he attacked me. It took me a bit to realize that I was fighting a kainu not a nightmare.”

“Well, he’s gone now. Maybe I can help you with your injuries and you tell me what you are?”

The drak turned their head at Ana, pinning the sprite with a stare. “Why do you want to help me?”

“I’m in a medical field,” Ana said with a shrug. “I have first aid at home.”

“Fine, I’m a komahka nightmare cross. Lead me to your home then.”

“Oh? A nightmare cross? Neat!” Ana had taken the opportunity to climb down and lead the cross home. “A small warning though. I’m housemates with a sprite nightmare cross.”

A Fight in the Forest
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In Wanderer Tryouts ・ By PeachmintTea

Word count: 1031

Vari, Ana, and an unknown drak had a runin with a kainu, Daemon.

Submitted By PeachmintTea
Submitted: 1 year agoLast Updated: 1 year ago

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