Wandering Swordsmith

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The sounds of swords clashing together was the only thing Hellborn could hear in this practice arena. Today was one of the few days he could come out to practice his swordsmanship, but sadly, he doesn’t have the greatest weapon to use. 

He held up his rusted sword at his opponent, but all he was met with was thunderous laughter from the others. 

“You really think that weapon can help you?” His sparring partner laughed. A small number of other creatures looked over to watch the interaction. 

Hellborn’s hands tightened on the sword’s grip, as he hissed out, “It’s all I have.” He charged towards swinging the sword. Before he knew it, the enemy swung, breaking the rusty metal of his own weapon. Adding in, his oppented then lifted their leg and kicked the Drakiri down to the ground.

Landing on the dirt with a ‘thud’, onto his back, a broken sword shattered beside him. He felt a foot on his stomach and a sword pointed towards his face. Hellborn’s red eyes stared at the tip of the sword then to the opponent.

 “I suggest you go see a weaponsmith, then we can continue this sparring on a different day, Hellborn.” They suggested with a smug grin, having this victory being swift and simple.

The dark Drakiri watched the sword move before asking, “Any suggestions where to go? I am not from here.” 

“Best bet would be going to Heatwave. She is one of the few that can take on a request on short notice.” They had pointed in the direction where the female had set up shop. 

Helborn sighed as he sat up. Picking up the pieces of his weapon before standing up. 

One of the watchers mentioned before Hellborn walked passed them, “Also, might wash up. You're filthy.”

“Thanks, I totally didn’t notice.” Hellborn rolled his eyes as he walked away, “I’ll be back! I will win!” He shouted over his shoulder before taking off. 


He stopped by the arena’s wash rooms, to wash off any shame he had lingering from what just happened. Stepping out of the shower, grabbing a towel and flopping it on top of his head to dry off his mane. Walking over to a mirror to pull the towel off to stare out himself. Seeing the bright red eyes stare back and stick out against his dark coat and scales. Only a few specks of red dotted around his body along with black lines, called brindle, all around. Hellborn runs a hand down his ram shaped horns. Then he picked out a piece of stone in his mane. Shaking his head as he mumbled, “I hope Heatwave can help out, or I'm going to be out of luck.”

Putting the towel in the dirty bin, then making his way over to his locker to put on a plain black shirt and some worn out jeans that he had custom made to ensure they fit and have a tail hole. Then he reached for his belt to wrap around his waist. He tightened it as he walked out of the showers. Heading off to go find Heatwave to ask about what he can get for a new sword. 


After asking for directions and getting a little lost. Hellborn finally arrived in front of a weaponsmith. He took a deep breath before stepping inside the building. His nose was hit with the scent of metal and fire. With the doorbell chiming as when he walked through the door. Using his hearing, he could make out the sound of metal hitting metal. 

Taking a moment before heading towards the front counter. His eyes glanced around, seeing all kinds of weapons hung up and set up for display. He was lost in his thoughts, he didn’t see the taller female step around the corner. 

“Tch, another doe-eyed beginner,” A voice said that snapped Hellborn’s thoughts.

Hellborn looked to see the female Drakiri, “Excuse me?”

Wiping her hands then her face with a rag, revealing its true shine. Her red colored gradient faded to the cream of her natural coat.

Putting a hand on the counter she replied, “I can tell that you are just a beginner, just by the way you're looking at my weapons.” 

“I can’t admire the craftsmanship?” Hellborn questioned, raising a brow.

The female rolled her eyes as she shook her head, “Whatever.” She then pointed to herself, “Name’s Heatwave and welcome to my shop.” 

Hellborn observed Heatwave. Taking in the flames that surround her chest, hands, and back end. Her large horns curved around the long ears she had. With her colors being more reds, orange, yellows; Her blue eyes really did stick out but not in a bad way. The scales that were visible had those warm colors with dark, broken stripes that ran along with the colors. She had on an apron around her body and wore dirty brown pants, covered in what looked like ash.

Hellborn then spoke up, “I was recommended to come here after my sword shattered.”

“Shattered? How did you manage that?” Heatwave raised a brow.

Hellborn rubbed his arm, feeling the smooth scales as his hand ran along them, “It was just a rusty sword that was at the end of its life.”

“Ugh, really, are you that dumb for bringing a rusted sword along to use?” Heatwave shook her head, “Why did you think that was a good idea?”

“It was all I could get my hands on at the time.” Hellborn replied with a huff, “Now I can afford a new one. You think you're up to the challenge?”

Heatwave let out a loud laugh, “Challenge? Ha!” She leaned over the counter, “Whatcha you got then?”

Hellborn sets down a coin pouch then pushes it towards her, “This should be enough.”

“Let me check.” Heatwave squinted her eyes as she grabbed the pouch. Giving it a shake then dumping it out to count out what Hellborn had to pay with. After a moment of silence, Heatwave looked back to the male standing in front of her, “Funny enough, this is the right amount.”

Hellborn beamed, “Really? Lucky me!”

“Yay,” Heatwave mimicked in a sarcastic tone but had a polite smile on her face, “Now, to figure out what kind of weapon you are looking for.” Leaning on arm on the counter as she listed off, “I can make daggers, maces, war axes, one-handed swords, battle axes, warhammers, or two-handed swords. I can do more but I think your little brain can’t handle that.”

“Hmm,” Hellborn thought, ignoring the comment she made at the end, “Well, I’m used to the two-handed sword.” His eyes darted to meet her own blue eyes, “What do you suggest?”

“Yours was two-handed?” Heatwave chuckled, “You're kidding right?”

“No?” Hellborn tilts his head, “If you're trying to say that I look weak, I’m not.”

Heatwave raised a brow, “I wasn’t saying that….but, sad to say, you look the part.” She glanced at his arms before adding in, “Need to add a little muscle.” She leaned off the counter as she waved a hand, “Anyways, I might have something in mind for you. Though, it’s going to be more of a one handed type of weapon. Got any preferences for what it will look like?”

“None, I’m fine with whatever you make, Heatwave.” Hellborn shook his head in response. 

Heatwave looked at him, looking him up and down. She clicks her tongue as she said, “Give me until the sun begins to set. I should have a basic idea when you return. And, to add on to your little, lucky day, this is the last order I take before I set off.”

“Oh? You travel around?” Hellborn asked.

Heatwave scoffed at the question, “You think I can make money just staying around here?” She turns to pull out some kind of card and hands it to him, “This is a card from when I normally am in the shop.” When Hellborn grabbed it, she continued, “I often make large batches of basic weapons to sell before coming back. Normal time frame is like 3 to 4 weeks.”

Hellborn flipped the card around to observe it, “Okay. So then…uh, want me to come back then?”

“Did I say that before?” Heatwave shot back before repeating, “Come back when the set sets.”

Hellborn nodded, “Alright!” He turned to leave before stopping, looking back over his shoulder, “Can’t wait to see what you make, Heatwave!”

“Yeah, yeah.” The female shrugged off his words as she went to work on his order.

Hellborn finally left, feeling happy that Heatwave took on this job. She may have been rough around the edges but Hellborn hopes to see her around more, but not in the way of him always needing her help with his weapons. 

Now, here's the fun part, waiting for the sun to set. Because currently, the sun is hanging high in the sky, meaning Hellborn had a lot of time to kill before going back.

Wandering Swordsmith
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