Roller Stress Test Event

Event Time! The breeding roller is in its final stretch and should be complete soon, and as such, we are holding a Roller Testing Event! -Draw or write any two Drakiri together. Flat color with a simple background, at least 75% of the Drakiri showing to get a breeding rolled. These will be rolled in stages as things are added and tested! This event will continue until the roller is tested to be stable and bugs will be reported to the coder. Special things about this event: -Any Drakiri you own or have a slot permission to can be included regardless of level or Rites completion, aside from Starters* and NPC's -No items needed for same sex pairings, no items can be used on these breedings -Level will be randomized meaning you could get anything from a level 0 to a level 8 litter! -Breeding items will be randomized, with 2-5 to even a Roller Breaker -Breeding abilities will be randomized and may added to your geno for the roll. If they inherit, the geno keeps them! -Entries are unlimited! *If you have a permission/starter slot you may use it in this event! It will consume the slots you use on it. You can offer Stress Test permissions either here (You may need to copy paste the link) or in the Discord. The event is going until the roller has been suitably tested!