Q'lin (Drakiri Subtype)

The Q'lin combine strength and magic. Rippling with muscle, this unique build has sleek and thin fur. They are found most often in temparate Savannah like regions, but can also be found in tropical and sub tropical regions and many forests that don't get too cold during the winter. They do not do well in the cold, though their propensity in magic greatly aids their ability to resist harsh environments.

Q'lin are known to be proud, and often think of themselves as royalty.  They are the closest to the ancient dragon like creatures that many Drakiri believe they are descended from.

They live in small packs, usually around 7-10 individuals, rarely around 15-20.

Sprite-Q'lin (Drakiri Subtype)

Mystic-Q'lin (Drakiri Subtype)

Q'lin-Primal (Drakiri Subtype)

Q'lin-Dracus (Drakiri Subtype)

Q'lin-Kelpie (Drakiri Subtype)

Kainu-Q'lin (Drakiri Subtype)

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